Harrington & Richardson "AETNA 2 1/2" .32 RF Long Pocket Revolver
H&R started in Worcester, Ma, in 1888 after the previous relationship of Wesson & Harrington was dissolved. H&R made very good quality guns - revolvers, shot guns and rifles, and from 1871 to 1880 they, like so many other New England makers, got into the spur-trigger revolver market. Most of theirs were sold under brand names other than W&H or H&R, made for a variety of retailers and distributors. 
This one is called the "AETNA 2 1/2" and is chambered for the .32 long rim fire cartridge. It is in almost mint condition, with 100% of its original nickel plating intact, and pristine hard rubber grips. The action is crisp and tight, the indexing is as perfect as these "suicide specials" ever were, and the bore is bright with shallow rifling and a few bumps - I do not believe it was ever any better than that. Case colors on the hammer and trigger, 2 1/2 inch barrel, excellent-plus overall. SN 684.


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