Bacon Mfg. Co. .31 Pocket, Second Model
Thomas Bacon was superintendant at Manhattan Firearms Co. in 1858 when he formed his own company (together with a group of investors) to manufacture a series of percussion pistols, primarily for the civilian market. A lawsuit brought on by Manhattan against Bacon stated that he had basically "stolen" their design and produced it under his own name, while still employed at Manhattan. The intrigue and drama between the two groups warrants a story of its own...
Thomas Bacon was in business until 1867 when Hopkins & Allen took over his manufacturing space and continued making his design of pocket revolver (Third Model) for a short while under their own name, before releasing their own line of handguns. 
This specimen is in very fine condition, with a nicely engraved frame and traces of blueing on the fluted cylinder. The rest of the gun is a grey-brown patina, with well defined markings. The grips are excellent with 90% original varnish and without cracks or missing chips. The action is crisp and strong, the bore clean and the rifling strong. Matching numbers on the barrel, frame, cylinder, wedge and loading lever. 5 inch barrel, SN 511, rated very fine overall. 


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