Iver Johnson "American Bull Dog"  .32 RF Long "Bobbed Hammer" Revolver
This Iver Johnson "American Bull Dog" is one of the rarer sorts. Most of these were made in larger calibers - .38's and .44's. The .32, especially in rim fire is quite rare.
This particular example has been modified to double-action only, and it had its hammer spur removed to facilitate easier drawing from a pocket. A common practice with crooks and hoodlums of the 19th century... The action is crisp and although the cylinder has a bit of play in the frame, it locks up tight when the trigger is pulled. The bore is clean, with scattered spots and good rifling. The grips are excellent, featuring the "American Eagle" design which is typical for Iver Johnson's revolvers. The gun retains about 75% of its nickel finish. A unique little gun at a great price. 2 1/2 inch barrel, SN 7794, rated very good overall.



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