Belgian Proofed Copy of Webley "Bulldog", .44 Webley
Henry Webley registered the trademark for the Bulldog in 1878, and within a short period of time this powerful little revolver became one of the most popular designs in the world. Webley himself made thousands for both the domestic as well as international markets. Soon other makers copied his design where it was not protected by law, and a wide variety of bulldogs flooded the market. In the USA Iver Johnson and Harrington & Richardson were the most famous, making variants of the Webley in calibers from .32 to .455. Webley bulldogs were so popular in Europe that Webley had to contract other makers to produce them for him - notably the well-known and respected makers of Belgium. The Belgians saw the appeal of the Bulldog and soon copies which were not contracted to Webley began to appear, in calibers from .320 to .455, usually in center fire configuration. Most of these are not identified by brand, and are merely called "BRITISH BULLDOG", "BRITISH CONSTABULARY" or just "BULLDOG".
This scrappy little powerhouse is a .44 Webley caliber, five-shot revolver marked "BRITISH BULL DOG" on the top strap, with various stamps on the frame under the grips. One is a "crown over JG" which may stand for Jacques Gilon, a prolific and well-known maker from Cheratte. Pre-1893 Belgian bench proofs, 2 1/2 inch barrel. It has nicely aged ivory grips without cracks or missing chips except a few small stress fractures around the grip screw escutcheon. The nickel plating is about 75% intact, with some flaking and pitting on the cylinder and side of frame. Mechanically excellent in both single and double action, properly indexing cylinder, crisp, tight action. There is a small amount of side-to-side movement in the cylinder. Clean, shiny bore, with shallow rifling.
SN 3060, rated very fine overall.

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