Colt M1877 "Thunderer",  "Sheriff"s Model", .41 LC
The M1877 was Colt's first attempt at a double-action cartridge revolver and it is to this day one of the most popular Colts among collectors. There are three variants of this model, the .32 "Rainmaker", the .38 "Lightning", and the .41 "Thunderer". Only the "Thunderer", in serial numbers below 107,000 is classified as antique in Canada. ​​
This is a late manufacture specimen from 1897. It is in very good to fine condition, with a good action, properly indexing cylinder and good lock-up. The bore is good, bright with sharp rifling, and a few bumps and a couple of minor pits. There is lots of blue left on the barrel, some on the back strap and on the trigger guard. The frame was originally case-hardened, of which a little is still visible. The markings are sharp, the grips are excellent without cracks or missing chips and only minor wear on the high spots. SN 106818, rated fine overall.


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