Civil War Colt M1860 "Army", .44 Percussion 
After the Colt Dragoon, the Colt 1860 Army was the next generation of large-frame Colts the Colonel introduced as the civil war demanded large numbers of side arms for both infantry as well as mounted troops. The 1860 Army's run began in 1860 with the number 1, and only 2000 were made in the first year. The second year saw a marked increase in production - some 25,000 came off the factory floor in Hartford, another 60,000 in the third year, and by 1873 some 200,000 had been made, over 40% for the US government...
This particular example was made in 1861 for the Union Army. It has an 8-inch barrel and the typical rebated cylinder and "creeping" style rammer. It retains none of the original blue and is covered in a plum-brown, mottled patina. The grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips and a very good wood-to-metal fit. The inspector's cartouche on the left side is well visible and there are several sub-inspection marks throughout. Sharp markings and lettering, and the battle scene on the cylinder is about 50% intact. All matching serial numbers on the frame, barrel, trigger guard, grip strap, wedge, cylinder and even the cylinder arbour is stamped with the number. The action is tight and accurate, and the springs are strong. The nipples are clean and un-damaged. The bore is a bit bumpy, but it is clean and the rifling is pronounced. Comes with a period holster. SN 13881, rated fine overall.


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