Colt M1862 "Police", .36 Percussion
The 1862 "Police" revolver was made from 1861 to about 1873, with most of the later production converted at the factory to cartridge use even before they were released for sale. This one is an early model, in .36 percussion. It was made in 1862 and is in very fine to excellent condition. The barrel retains about 50% of its original blue, especially in protected areas, like under the loading lever. The frame still shows some nice case hardening colors and the brass grip frame is about 50% silver plated. The action is crisp and accurate with a solid lock-up and clean nipples. Very good bore with sharp rifling. The grips are very good with a small repair on the left side which you can hardly notice unless you know about it. Matching numbers on the frame, barrel, grip and wedge. 4 1/2 inch barrel, New York Address, sharp markings. SN 9640, rated very fine overall. 


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