Colt 1862 Pocket Navy Conversion 
As the era of percussion guns came to an end, and Rollin White's patent was not extended as he had requested, Colt began designing cartridge revolvers. However, since they had so many  percussion revolver parts in inventory still Colt decided to come up with a way to convert them to cartridge use. There were two systems, the Thuer and the Richards - Mason. This is the Richards - Mason conversion to .38 short rim fire. The hammer had to be modified with a striker for rim fire cartridges, a recoil shield had to be inserted, and a new bored-through cylinder had to be fitted. This model has no loading gate as the timing of the cylinder prevents the cartridge from falling out. The gun has a 3 inch octagonal barrel with sharp rifling and minor pitting in the bore. The cylinder has been re-stamped to match the serial number of the frame at the time of conversion (although a mis-stamping is evident, which is quite common), with the 1871 and 1872 patent dates on the frame. 75% blue, 90% varnish on the grips, traces of silver on the brass frame. Excellent, crisp action. SN# 20647, rated fine.


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