Scarce Colt M1862 Pocket of Navy Caliber, Richards-Mason Conversion, .38 RF 
The Colt "Pocket Navy" as it became known by collectors, is one of the rarer Colts out there. Only about 22,000 were produced, and most of these were converted to metallic cartridge use at the factory. The parts used to make the new cartridge revolvers came from the inventory of percussion revolvers, and were re-worked to fit the new mechanism, a process invented by Colt's engineers Richards and Mason. The cylinder was originally serial number 9384 and re-stamped 20647 when it was machined to fit the cartridge gun of the same number. The factory conversions of the "Pocket Navy" to .38 rim fire are hard to find. This one is even more special - it has a rare 3 inch barrel. It is in excellent condition, with about 80% original blue on the frame, barrel and cylinder. The "stage coach" scene is sharp, the action crisp and accurate. The bore is clean and bright and the rifling is sharp. All matching numbers, 1871 and 1872 patent dates, New York Address, excellent grips with 90% original varnish, and no cracks or missing chips. SN 20647, rated excellent overall.


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