Johnson & Bye "Defender", .32 RF Pocket Revolver
Iver Johnson and Martin Bye were partners until 1883, at which time Johnson bought out Bye's shares and changed the name of his company to Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works, moving to Fitchburg, MS in 1891. The "Defender" was made before 1889, while Johnson was still at Worcester, MS. At that time, Johnson added the year's number to the name and it became known as the "Defender '89".
This small pocket revolver is typical of the 1880's "Suicide Specials". It is a single-action, spur-trigger gun of reasonably good quality, chambered for the .32 long rim fire cartridge. The gun is in near-mint condition, the action works properly, the cylinder locks up tight, the bore is bright with excellent rifling. The chambers are shiny and clean. It retains all of its nickel plating with traces of case color on the hammer and trigger. The hard rubber grips are pristine, with an American eagle vignette showing no wear, sratches or cracks. The best "Defender" I have had yet. 2 1/2 inch barrel, SN 311, rated excellent overall.


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