RARE Frank Wesson "Superposed" (Over/Under) Deringer, .32 Rim Fire Short
Frank Wesson, younger brother to Dan Wesson of S&W fame, was a famous gun maker in his own right. He designed and produced many a fine rifle, musket and hand gun of his own, including this unique two-shot pistol. It is designed to have the hinged barrel cluster rotated manually, with a small lock on the bottom of the frame, to align each barrel with the hammer nose in turn. The gun is in excellent condition, with beautiful ivory grips in perfect condition, clean, shiny bores with sharp rifling and excellent action. The nickel plating on the frame is 95% + intact, while the barrel cluster is bare metal. it was originally blued. The gun is small - it measures all of 5 inches total, with 2 1/2 inch barrels. Marked "FRANK WESSON WORCESTER MASS PT DEC 15 68" . This is the "Third Type" of the various designs. SN 75, rated excellent overall.


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