12mm Double Barrel Pin Fire Pistol
These were called "Gaucho's", after the South American cowboys. They were made in the 1860's in Spain for export to South America as personal defence weapons in the Wild West of the South. They are usually crudely made but tough - they had to withstand the harsh environment of the South American wilderness. They are also usually badly beaten up for the same reason. To find a nice one, in decent shape is not easy. This one is a bit of an exception. It is nicely made, better than average quality, and actually bears a maker's name. It is marked "ZULAICA EIBAR" on top of the barrel rib, and it is nicely engraved on the frame. The triggers drop down when the hammers are cocked, and recess into the frame after firing to prevent getting caught on clothing. The action is crisp, the springs are strong and the rifling in the barrels is sharp. The gun looks to be "in the white" meaning it was not blued or plated. The surface is covered with a brown patina and areas of light pitting. Nicely carved walnut grips.  Rated Very Good , SN#93

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