Double Barrel Sea Service Percussion Pistol
This is an unusual pistol. It is not made of brass, as one might suspect at first, looking at it, but "German Silver", or nickel silver - a mixture of brass and nickel. German Silver looks less yellow than brass, and more like "real" silver. Apparently these were expensive to produce and therefore rarely made however because nickel silver does not tarnish like brass does, it was preferred by ships' officers at sea. This little gun is in very fine condition. It is nicely engraved on the box lock, trigger guard and grip strap and bears pre-1877 Belgian proof marks, however no maker's name. The action works as it should, with a half-cock and full cock position for each hammer. The walnut burl, bag-style grip is fine with only a small, hairline crack on the right side. The finish is 90% intact with an escutcheon inlaid on the back of the grip. Approximately 14mm caliber, 4 inch barrels. No serial number. Rated very fine overall. 

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