Finely Engraved Hopkins & Allen "Blue Jacket No. 2", .32 Rim Fire 
Hopkins & Allen were major American arms makers in Norwich CT from 1868 to 1915. They were the successors to Bacon Arms and boasted at one time to be "the world's largest manufacturer of high-grade, popular-priced firearms". H&A firearms are of decent quality, but they are not even in the ball park with a S&W, Remington or Colt.
This popular model, called the "Blue Jacket" is the no. 2 variant, in .32 rim fire. The longer cylinder allows for the use of either the long or short cartridge. It is finely factory engraved on the frame, barrel and cylinder, and retains 90%+ of its original nickel plating. The cylinder was originally blued, and has turned a plum-brown patina. It is marked 2670. The bone grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips and a beautiful aged color. The action is accurate, the cylinder indexes correctly and the rifling in the bore is clean and sharp. 3 inch barrel, SN 2869


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