Harrington & Richardson "Young America" Bull Dog
Harrington & Richardson were well known gun makers from 1871 to 1985. They had their manufacturing facilities in Worcester, MA from the beginning until the 1970's when they moved to Gardiner, MA. The firm started when Ballard & Fairbanks, another maker in Worcester decided not to go ahead with the production of a Frank Wesson designed revolver, and instead sold the tooling and machinery to Frank and his nephew Gilbert Harrington. The firm of Wesson and Harrington was active until 1878, while Harrington also had a partnership with William Richardson since 1871. Wesson only entered into the business partnership to provide support to his nephew and when all seemed to go well he bowed out and removed himself from the firm, and its name. For a while however, there were both Harrington & Richardson, as well as Wesson & Harrington arms on the market at the same time.
   This little Bull Dog is a version of the American Double Action and was made early in the production. Young America Bull Dogs were made until about 1900, when the name changed to H&R Bulldog, which carried on into the 1940's. The Young America is a .32 short rim fire, 5-shot, double action revolver of very good quality. This particular specimen is in almost mint condition, with 99% fine, brightly polished nickel plating, excellent gutta percha grips, excellent, crisp action and a shiny bore with sharp rifling. I doubt it has ever been shot. 2 inch barrel, SN 1525, excellent overall. 


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