RARE Iver Johnson "American Bull Dog", .44 Webley CF, 6 Inch Barrel 
This is a rare Iver Johnson "American Bull Dog" revolver from about 1885 to 1887. These "Bull Dogs" were made in a variety of calibers - .32, .38, and .44. The .44 is the rarest of them all, and the 6 inch barrel is even more rare.
It is in very good condition, with about 80% original nickel plating The barrel is in very good condition, with deep rifling, a good bore with moderate wear and some shallow dark spots. The action is crisp and tight, the cylinder indexes correctly and locks up very nicely. The grips are made of an odd 2-tone gutta percha, with an eagle motif. There is a small repair on the bottom of each grip, but hardly noticeable. Sharp markings "AMERICAN BULL DOG." on top of the octagonal / round barrel which is consistent with Iver Johnson's guns of this name.  
SN 3379, rated very good overall.


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