Iver Johnson "Defender 89" .32 Rim Fire Pocket Revolver 
Although the term "Suicide Special" would apply to this small revolver, the level of quality in this genre runs from excellent to dismal - this one is definitely on the "excellent" side. Iver Johnson was in partnership with martin Bye and made guns under the "Johnson & Bye" label. In 1883 Bye sold his share of the business to Johnson and the firm was renamed Iver Johnson's Arms & Cycle Works - Johnson made excellent quality bicycles as well - and the firm moved to Fitchburg in 1891.
This is the "Defender '89", which would indicate that by that time, Bye was already no longer part of the firm. It is a very well made little spur-trigger revolver, and there are surprisingly many around still. You don't often see them in this kind of condition, though! This one looks unfired, in near-mint condition. The nickel plating is 100% intact, there is no flaking or abrasion. The action is crisp and tight, the cylinder squeaky clean, and the bore is almost impeccable. It has a few bumps, but I think this is from the way it was made. These little guns were not very well finished in the bore. The rifling is sharp, though. The "eagle" motif grips are excellent, without wear, cracks, chips or even fading color. It's the best "Defender" I have seen in a long time. 2 1/2 inch barrel, SN 980, rated excellent-plus overall.


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