Manhattan Firearms Co. Navy Model Revolver, Series III, .36 Cal. Percussion

Founded in 1855 in New York City, the Manhattan Firearms Company was a group of 18 businessmen who formed the company in order to engage in the manufacture and sale of firearms and related items. In the early years in New York the company did not actually produce any arms, but it would seem they were mostly engaged in importing and selling. Their manufacturing facility was In Norwich, CT (1857-59) and later in Newark NJ (1859-68). Thomas Bacon of later Bacon Mfg Co. fame was the superintendent at Manhattan. A later lawsuit between Manhattan and Bacon would reveal how closely the Bacon designs resembled those of Manhattan...​​
The .36 caliber "Navy" model was an early competitor to Colt's 1851 "Navy", and in every respect it is similar to that design - and that of the 1849 Pocket. It was never officially adopted by the government as a side arm however many soldiers during the civil war carried Manhattan's as a secondary weapon.

This is a rare specimen of the "Series III" variety. It has the early spring plate mounted on the recoil shield which was meant to prevent sparks from the ignited charge from spreading to neighbouring chambers. It also has the rare 6 1/2 inch barrel. The gun is in very fine condition, with sharp markings, all matching serial numbers and a clean, bright bore. The bluing is thin in protected places, and the case colors on the frame are still visible. The vignettes on the cylinder are quite clear. The rifling is pronounced, the action is crisp and accurate and the nipples are undamaged. The grip is excellent, without cracks or missing chips and only minor handling marks. SN 19042, rated very fine overall.



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