Marlin XXX Standard 1872 .30 RF Short Pocket Revolver
J.M. Marlin of New-Haven CT was an employee of Samuel Colt before he ventured out on his own in 1863. With a variety of changes and owners, the Marlin Firearms Company has been around ever since, making sporting rifles and handguns to this day. Most famous for the Marlin repeating rifle, they also made very good quality pistols, deringers and revolvers for the civilian market. The "XXX Standard" is named for its caliber, the .30 rim fire cartridge. The design of the gun is very similar to the Smith and Wesson Model 1, with its tip-up barrel and fixed extractor.
This particular specimen is nicely engraved and silver plated, with about 80% on the brass frame, and 30% on the barrel. It is in very fine condition, with an accurate action and tight hinge. 3-inch barrel, clean, shiny bore with sharp rifling. The rosewood grips are excellent with 99% original, glossy varnish, no cracks and only a very minute chip missing on the underside of the frame. SN 8275, rated very fine overall.


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