Mervin & Hulbert XL No. 5 
Mervin & Hulbert were retailers in New York during the 1870's and 1880's. They did not make their own guns, but had them made in their name by various makers. This one came from the shops of Hopkins and Allen of Worcester, MA. The model name "XL no. 5" and the dog's head on the grip are indicative of H&A. This large-frame, single-action revolver is chambered for the .38 short rim fire cartridge. It is in very fine condition with over 80% original nickel mixed with some scratches and surface pitting, and nice case colors on the hammer. The action is crisp, the cylinder indexes correctly and locks up tight. The springs are strong. Shiny, unmarred bore with strong rifling, excellent grips without any wear, cracks or missing chips, 3-inch barrel. SN 599, rated fine overall.


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