Norwich Arms Co. .32 Rim Fire Pocket Revolver

Not much is known about the Norwich Arms Co. Some sources say that it was controlled by the Hood Firearms Co, which made small pocket revolvers under this as well as various other names in the late 1870's and into the 1880's, others claim it was owned by Otis Smith of Rockfall CT. who made several small revolvers under his own name as well. These revolvers fall into the category of "suicide specials", and are a fairly typical representation. The only difference which I have not observed in any others of this type are the sculpted, pewter grips. The motif of the stag and forest seems unique to this brand. 
The specimen here is in about very good to fine condition, with about 70% nickel plating and very fine grips. The factory engraving is well visible on the frame and cylinder, as is the relief motif on the grips. The action works properly, however as a "suicide special" it is not the same quality as a S&W or Colt, but the cylinder indexes correctly and locks as it should. The bore is dull, with shallow rifling. Marked "NORWICH ARMS CO." with the number 32 in a diamond behind it. The side is marked with the patent date of APR 23 1878. 2 1/2 inch barrel, SN 15, rated fine overall.



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