Norwich Falls Pistol Co. "Patriot" 
Rare Norwich Pistol Co. "Suicide Special" from about 1880, this fine little revolver is of surprisingly good quality. The Suicide Specials were notorious for their cheap manufacture and many were not fit for shooting, even back "in the day". There is not much information on the Norwich Pistol Co., except that they were reputable enough to be contractors for the American military in the 1860's. This specimen retains 95% of its original nickel plating, and has very nice hard rubber grips, without cracks or missing chips. The action works fine and the cylinder indexes correctly. There is a small amount of play in the cylinder, which is common for these small guns. It is chambered for the .32 rim fire cartridge and has a 2 1/2 inch barrel, matching serial numbers on the barrel, cylinder and trigger. SN 7691, rated excellent overall.  


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