Belgian-Proofed Percussion "Lupara"
This "pocket shotgun" was made before 1878 and bears Belgian proof marks. It is not marked by a maker and has no serial number. It is approximately a 16 gauge bore and has a 9-inch barrel. The springs are strong and the action works well in half- and full-cock positions. The one-piece walnut stock and forearm is a bit banged up, but it is solid and retains most of its varnish. It has an attractive brass cap box at the butt and brass trigger guard. The steel rammer looks to be original. The nipples are in excellent condition and may have been replaced at some point in the past. Although luparas were intended to be used for shooting vermin, they were a popular "urban warfare" weapon with gangsters. The word "lupara" is derived from the Italian word "lupo" for wolf. Rated very good overall. NSN.

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