RARE Thomas E. Ryan "Red Cloud" .32 RF Spur-Trigger Pocket Revolver
Thomas E. Ryan is a lesser-known maker who was active in Norwich CT from the late 1860's to the 1880's. The Company specialized in the making of pocket revolvers like this one, usually termed "Suicide Specials". They were cheaply made and marketed under a vast number of sometimes strange to outright bizarre names. "Red Cloud" does not seem to relate to anything specific - there is a town in Nebraska called Red Cloud, and apparently there was an American Native chief by that name as well. Perhaps this gun is named after one of them. It is a fairly typical, single-action spur-trigger revolver of mediocre quality from the 1880's. It retains about 30% of its nickel plating, but the grips are in very nice condition, without cracks or missing chips. The action is accurate, and the cylinder indexes properly. The bore is dull, and the rifling shallow. It probably always has been. 2 3/4 inch barrel, SN 421, rated very good overall.


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