Remington M95 Double Deringer, .41 rim fire short 
This Remington Double Deringer is the quintessential "Gambler's Gun". Made by Remington from 1866 until 1935, it is one of the most popular colletable deringers in the world. Even today, many modern makers produce this design in a variety of calibers. In Canada, only the first type is considered antique, because they were all made before about 1868. The Type 2 and later models were made into the early 19 hundreds, and are therefore not positively antique. Remington did not use serial numbers on these, but batch numbers from 001 to 999, and would repeat them over and over. This one is batch number 67, made ca. 1868. It is in excellent condition, with 90% original nickel and fine hard-rubber grips. The grips show no wear and are free of cracks and chips. The hinge is intact and free of cracks (a common weakness in these) and it functions as it should. The barrels are good, with a few bumps and crisp rifling. Rated excellent overall. Number 67

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