Remington Double Deringer 
The Remington Deringer was first introduced in about 1866 and proved so popular Remington made it continuously until 1935, putting out some 150,000 units. In Canada, only the early models are considered antique - the one with the address on the side, between the two barrels, and the one with a two-line address on top of the barrel. All others may have been made after 1898 and are therefore prohibited. This is another of W. H. Elliot's designs he produced for Remington, and it is the most famous of the American Deringer-type pistols. More so even than any of Henry Deringer's own designs! 
The Double Deringer (also known as "over-under Deringer") is chambered for the .41 short rim fire cartridge and the firing pin alternates between the two barrels each time the hammer is cocked.
This particular specimen is in very good to fine condition. The original nickel plating is about 75% intact, with the left side better than the right, the hard rubber grips are in very fine condition with very little wear, and no cracks or missing chips. The action is tight, the springs are strong, and the firing pin alternates as it should. The bores are brown, with moderate pitting and very good rifling. The hinge on the barrel is the weakest part of this gun and is often cracked or has been repaired. This one is fine though, it is tight and works as it should. The extractor is complete, and works as well. These guns were not serial-numbered but instead numbered in batches from 001 to 999, at which point the numbers would be repeated. This one is number 43, no doubt one of many 43's. I have never seen one with a number of more than three digits. Some have two digits, and some have a leading zero. This one is just 43. Rated very good to fine.


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