Cased Remington New Model Army

Introduced in competition to Colt's 1860 Army model, it was one of the most-used sidearms in the civil war. The solid frame made it superior in ruggedness to the Colt, however the constant blackpowder fouling could quickly accumulate between the top strap and cylinder, and make the gun inoperable. This is one of the reasons Colt never produced a solid frame percussion gun.
This specimen comes in a custom walnut case, which is old, but not likely to be as old as the gun. The accoutrements include a powder flask, nipple wrench, cap tin and bullet mold. The case is in very good condition, missing the key.
The gun is in fine condition, with about 50% blue on the barrel and frame. The action is crisp and accurate, and lock-up is tight. The bore is clean, shiny and with only minor bumps in the grooves, and very sharp rifling. The nipples are undamaged and show very little corrosion. Sharp markings and government inspection marks. Very fine grips with inspector's cartouche on the left side. SN 93071, rated fine overall.



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