Remington New Model No. 4, .41 RF RARE! 
The Remington "New Model" series of revolvers are made with clockwork precision which you don't see even with Colt and Smith and Wesson of this size. The accuracy and workmanship is exquisite, and when you get one in pristine condition you can appreciate the smooth action of this high quality mechanism. The Bulldog-like New Model No. 4 is most often encountered as a .38 rim fire or center fire version, the .41 is definitely a rare variety. This particular piece looks unfired, its action is crisp and smooth, the cylinder locks up beautifully and the bore of the 2 1/2 inch barrel is pristine. The nickel plating is 90%+ intact, with a bit missing around the side of the frame and grip strap. The black hard-rubber grips are excellent. SN# 9564, rated excellent overall.


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