Remington "Double Deringer", .41 Rim Fire Short 
The iconic Remington Model 95 "Double Deringer" was actually introduced as early as 1866, and manufactured continuously until 1935, with some 150,000 specimens leaving the factory. Very little has changed in the design over the years, and collectors mostly have to look at the barrel address to be able to differentiate which era it was made in. There are only two tpes - the Type I early production and the Type I Late production which were made prior to 1898, and are therefore antique in Canada.
This example is the Type I late production, or Model 2, made in about 1868 to 1888. It has the two-line barrel address on top of the barrel. It is in very good condition, with none of the original finish remaining, but covered in an even grey patina. The action is correct, the firing pin alternates between the two barrels, the hinge is solid, and the markings are crisp and sharp. The rosewood grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, and practically no wear marks. The bores are clean and the rifling is sharp, with very minor bumps and fine spots. Rated very good to fine. SN 2526. 


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