Hood Firearms "Robin Hood No. 3 1/2" .32 RF Pocket Revolver
Hood Firearms was in business in the 1870's and '80's, in Norwich, CT. They made primarily pocket revolvers of varying qualities, many of which can be classified as "Suicide Specials". The "Robin Hood" line would fall into this category.
This model is a .32 rf long variant, in very good condition, with about 75% original nickel plating. The remainder is a plum-brown patina with light surface pitting. The rosewood grips are very fine, without cracks or missing chips, and about 80% varnish. The action is accurate and the cylinder locks up fine. 2 1/2 inch barrel, 5 shot cylinder. The bore is dull with shallow rifling visible. SN 1357. Rated very good overall.


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