Merrimack Arms & Mfg. Co. "SOUTHERNER" .41 RF Short Deringer
The Merrimack Arms & Manufacturing Co. made only one gun - the "SOUTHERNER", albeit in a variety of styles, from 1866 to 1869. The most common is the brass or iron frame, 2 1/2 inch barrel version. It has a side-pivoting breech, with an extractor mounted under the barrel to eject the spent cartridge. Simple in design, and obviously effective - of the many seen on the market, most show considerable wear...
This one is in very good to fine condition, and although none of the original finish remains on the barrel or frame, it shows a nice patina on the steel and brass. The rosewood grips are excellent, without any cracks or missing chips, and most of the varnish in place. The action is crisp, the extractor works, and the bore is  excellent with sharp rifling. Crisp markings, SN 801, rated very good to fine overall.


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