Springfield Arms Co. Double-Trigger Pocket Revolver, .28 Percussion 
The Springfield Arms Company was founded about 1850 in an attempt to compete directly with Colt's Patent Firearms Co. making "revolving firearms" however Colt's attorneys put enough pressure on the engineers at Springfield for infringing on Colt's revolver patent that they soon changed their designs in order to stay out of court. Springfield's chief engineer was James Warner, who had several well-known designs to his name, many manufactured under his own name. This extremely rare double-trigger pocket revolver is one of his designs. It is entirely unmarked except for the serial number under the grips, which was common practice. There were only 350 of these made, and it is the only one I have ever seen. It did not exist in the RCMP database until now.
The gun functions as a single action mechanism - the hammer is cocked manually, and when the forward trigger is pulled, the cylinder rotates by one stop. As the forward trigger touches the rear trigger, the hammer is released. A curious and odd design, however quite clever for about 1851. The gun functions as it should, the 2 1/2 inch barrel, top strap, cylinder and hammer retain some of the original bluing, while the frame is bare and covered in a mottled brown patina. The cylinder and frame are nicely engraved. The grips retain most of the original varnish and are free of chips and cracks. A truly unusual early American revolver. EXTREMELY RARE. Rated fine overall.  


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