Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2 Second Issue
S&W's line of pocket revolvers started in 1857 with the Model No. 1, utilizing Rollin White's patent of 1855 which S&W had bought. The No. 1 was a .22 caliber gun, then came the Model No. 2 in 1861 in 32 rim fire long, known as the "Old Model Army". It had a 4 to 6 inch barrel and was popular as a back-up gun among service men. The Model No. 1 1/2 was introduced in 1865, put inbetween the Model 1 and Model 2, and it came in two "issues". The first issue had a square butt, and octagonal barrel. The second issue introduced in 1868 shown here has a rounded birds' head grip and round barrel, and an improved cylinder stop mounted on top of the frame. This particular specimen is in excellent condition, with 95%+ original nickel plating, crisp, accurate action, strong springs and a tight hinge. The rosewood grips rate very good, with some wear on the left side and on the high spots. Clean, shiny bore with crisp rifling. SN 14141, rated excellent overall.


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