Smith and Wesson Double Action 3rd Model "New Model Navy" With Pearl Grips
The "New Model Navy" was introduced in 1881 and was the first self-cocking revolver in Smith and Wesson's line-up. It is therefore also known also as the "Double Action First Model" as it was the first double action S&W had designed, but built on the Third Model frame. First only made in .32 and .38, the .44 was the last to be released for sale. By the time the .44 caliber came on the market, S&W had perfected the design, and to this day this is one of the finest revolvers ever made. The "New Model Navy" was made until 1899, and assembled and sold until 1913, when it was dropped from the official S&W catalogue.
This one is in fine condition, with about 70% original nickel on the frame and cylinder, with most of what is missing having come off the lower frame, cylinder and back strap. The surfaces are a bit marred and scratched - it definitely saw some service however the action is crisp and accurate, and lock-up is tight. The 6 1/2 inch barrel is mostly very good, with a bit of light pitting in a couple of spots. The bore is bright and the rifling sharp. This one has the shorter, 1 7/16 inch cylinder, very nice mother-of-pearl grips and it has a lanyard swivel, which I have never seen on this model before. The serial number is under the grips, on the side of the frame, therefore the swivel must have been installed at the factory. Matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel and latch. A handsome gun. SN 22070, rated fine overall.



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