Smith and Wesson Double Action First / Third Model, "New Model Navy" .44 Russian
The "New Model Navy" was introduced in 1881 and was the first self-cocking revolver Smith and Wesson designed. It is variably known as the "Double Action First Model" or the "Third Model" as it is based on the Third Model Russian frame. First only made in .32 and .38, the .44 was the last to be released for sale. By the time the .44 caliber came on the market, S&W had perfected the design, and to this day this is one of the finest revolvers ever made. This model was manufactured until 1899 and sold until 1913 when it was officially dropped from the S&W catalogue.
This particular specimen is in excellent condition, with a 6 1/2 inch barrel and scarce target front sight. The blue on the frame is about 80% intact, with a little less on the cylinder. Nice case colors on the hammer and trigger. The action is crisp and accurate, lock-up is tight, the bore bright and clean, with strong, sharp rifling. The hard rubber grips are excellent, without cracks or missing chips, and very little wear. The color of the grips has faded to a medium brown - not sure if they were black originally. Although it has a very low serial number - probably second year production - 1882 - it has the 1 9/16 inch cylinder which supposedly was not used until very late in the production. Crisp markings, all matching numbers on the frame, cylinder, barrel and latch. SN 7661, rated excellent overall.​​ 



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