Smith and Wesson No. 2 "Old Model Army"
The "Old Model Army" is one of S&W's most famous early cartridge revolvers and although never officially adopted by either side of the civil war conflict, the OMA was carried by many officers as a secondary or back-up side arm. S&W had a monopoly on the breech-loading cartridge revolver due to their ownership of the Rollin White patent, but because of the relatively weak .32 cartridge it was not considered powerful enough as a primary side arm. "Wild Bill" Hickok and General George Armstrong Custer were owners of the S&W Old Model Army.
This specimen is perhaps the best I have ever had. It retains 90%-plus original blue, it has immaculate rosewood grips with 99% original varnish, a perfect action and tight hinge. It dates to before the end of the civil war (pre-1865) and yet it looks entirely unused. The top of the barrel is stamped "SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELD, MASS." without the usual patent dates. Six inch barrel, bright, shiny bore and sharp rifling - almost perfect - chambered for the .32 long rim fire cartridge. It doesn't get better than this! SN 34815, excellent -plus overall

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