RARE Forehand & Wadsworth "Swamp Angel" .41 RF Pocket Revolver
This F&W pocket revolver is not your usual "Suicide Special", for one it is of better than average quality, and also, it is of a much larger caliber than usual. The "Swamp Angel" is named after a legendary Union canon used in the civil war to shell Fort Sumter, and the city of Charlston SC. It was nicknamed "Swamp Angel" - a 16,000 pound rifled Parrott canon which could shoot a 150 pound projectile 8000 yards. The canon burst after only 36 shots...
The gun shown here is F&W's large-caliber "big brother" to the "Terror", an identical pocket revolver in .32 caliber rim fire. The "Swamp Angel" is chambered for the .41 long rim fire cartridge. The gun rates in about good condition, with none of the original blue finish intact, and a small repair to the left grip. The right grip shows what look like "kill notches", five deliberately carved notches which may or may not be genuine. This is the first of its kind I have ever seen. The gun functions correctly, although a bit stiff, and the cylinder indexes. 2 7/8 inch rifled barrel, SN 495, rated good overall.  


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