RARE Forehand & Wadsworth "Terror" .32 RF Short Pocket Revolver
Forehand & Wadsworth made very good quality hand guns during the 1870's and '80's, most of them superior to the usually poorly made "Suicide Specials". The "Terror" is a smaller caliber version of their famous "Swamp Angel", in fact the two are almost identical except for the fact that this is a .32, and the "Swamp Angel" is a .41 caliber.
This single-action spur trigger revolver is in very good condition, with about 70% original nickel, very fine rosewood grips, and a tight and accurate action. The cylinder indexes correctly and the chambers are clean. The bore is dull, with moderate pitting but well defined rifling. 2 3/4 inch barrel. A neat and unusual, early Amercan cartridge revolver. SN 506, rated very good overall.


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