Rupertus Firearms "True Blue" .32 RF 
Rupertus Firearms of Philadelphia made a large variety of handguns from the mid-1860's into the late 1880's. They are mostly of the pocket pistol variety, and many would be classified as cheap "Suicide Specials". The "True Blue" is such an example. It is a simple, single-action pocket revolver, with a .32 rim fire, five-shot cylinder. It is in good condition, with all of the original finish gone and the surface covered in an even plum-brown patina. There is one spot of noticeable pitting on the side of the cylinder but other than that it is in good condition. The grips are very good, without cracks or missing chips, and most of the original varnish in place. Functional in half and full cock, crisp action. Works as it should. Rated good overall. SN# 311


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