John Fox Twigg of London Pocket Pistol
Gunmaker John F. Twigg (1732 - 1790) was located at 132 Strand in London from 1760 to 1776, and at Picadilly until 1788. Both Durs Egg and John Manton worked under Twigg in the 1770's. He is the only Twigg of London mentioned in Stoeckel. That would place this little gun in the late 18th century. It is a very beautiful little piece, with a nicley crafted hammer in the shape of what looks like a fish. The left side of the frame is engraved "Twigg", the right side "London", and the frame, trigger guard and hammer have a finely chiselled border around them. The gun is "in the white" meaning it has never been plated or blued. The single-action trigger and spring are strong, the bore is clean and the nipple looks untouched. 11mm caliber cap-and-ball, NSN, rated excellent overall. 


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