Cased Set of Victor Collette Pocket Pistols, 11mm Percussion
Victor Collette was a well known Belgian arms maker famous for his excellent revolvers, pepperboxes, pistols and shotguns. He was active in Liege from about 1836 to 1861.
This cased set of pocket pistols bear a stamp on the bottom of the frame "VC" which is consistent with Victor Collette's signature. Both guns are marked with the serial number 87, which would suggest that they were meant to be a pair. The 2 5/8 damascus twist-off barrels are excellent, the actions on both pistols are strong and crisp. The ebony grips are excellent on one of them and fine on the other with a small repair at the top right side. Both guns have a nicely engraved German silver buttplate, finely engraved frame, drop-down trigger and upper tang. The nipples are clean and undamaged.
The case is covered in faux-leather with a gold embossed lid. The lining is excellent and part of it may have been replaced at some point, however most of it looks to be original. The fitting is in the "English Style" and was probably done in England. The case bears a label on the bottom referring to the maker as a "Desk and Dressing Case Maker" of 51 King's Street in Brighton. It is quite possible that the guns were imported from the Continent and fitted for sale in the UK. Collette was known to have exported his guns all over Europe in the 1850's and 60's. The case is in excellent condition, the pistols rate about very fine. The accessories include a small powder flask, cap tin, nipple wrench / bullet mold / barrel key, and a key for the case (which does not seem to work). SN 87, rated very fine overall.

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