James Warner .30 Rim Fire Pocket Revolver
James Warner was a well-known gun maker in Springfield, Mass. from 1837 to 1866, when he was the director of Springfield Arms Co. at first, and from 1851 to 1859 president of Warner & Co. Warner was well known for his revolving rifles, percussion carbines and uniquely designed pistols. He held several important patents from 1851 to 1866, among them for an improvement to Colt's ratchet revolving cylinder system in 1857. This single-action pocket revolver is in excellent condition with about 80% original bluing and about as much original varnish on the grips. It locks up tight and functions as it should. The grips are very fine with only a tiny chip missing out of the bottom on one side. A rare American pocket revolver of excellent quality and unique design. SN# 1759. Rated Excellent overall.



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