Whitneyville Armory Model 1 1/2 .32 RF Pocket Revolver
The Whitneyville Armory was founded by Eli Whitney Sr. in 1798 and made "good and serviceable arms" (as they described them) for both the military as well as the civilian market for 90 years. Whitney's son and grandson Eli Jr. were instrumental in the switch to the lucrative civilian and sporting market, but even this did not protect them from bankrupcy in the end. The firm was dissolved in 1888, and its assets bought up by Winchester. The Model 1 1/2 is a finely made, quality pocket revolver chambered for the .32 long rim fire cartridge. It has a brass frame and steel barrel and cylinder. It is a single-action, spur-trigger gun with birds head grips. This specimen is in very good condition, with about 20% of the blue on the cylinder and barrel intact. The brass frame has none of the original nickel remaining. The grips are very fine, without cracks or missing chips, and most of the original varnish intact. The action is crisp, the rifling in the barrel is sharp, and indexing is accurate. 3 1/3 inch barrel, SN 12841, rated very good overall.


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